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Aside from matters of creativity and faith, I also write at the intersection of business, leadership and social interest. 

One Billion in Reserve

My book proposal on integrating disabled and neurodivergent lives in the modern workplace. One of three finalists for the 2018 Bracken Bower Prize organized by McKinsey & Financial Times. 

Three Lessons in Crisis Leadership

Poor leadership is costliest during a crisis. Every leader must be prepared to consider - ahead of time - the nuances of their company and industry that may potentially impact crisis response across a range of situations. 

Bearing Witness 

A short, somber piece of travel writing based off a trip to Berlin, Germany. This one was featured on 'Fred's Blog', a website by travel writer Robert Fear. 

Seven Big Ideas for Leaders in 2018

November 2017 marked the ninth convening of the Global Peter Drucker Forum (GPDF), a wide-ranging symposium encompassing the contemporary elite of management thinkers in Vienna, Austria. 

The Battlefield of the Mind

An essay on overcoming mental blocks through principles inherent in Peter Drucker's life and practices. Winner of a special award for most creative and original entry in the 2017 Peter Drucker Challenge. 

Eat or Be Eaten: Winning the Merger Endgame in Asian Healthcare

A bird’s eye view of the global healthcare landscape reveals a market in consolidation and the implications for Asia are well worth considering.

Four Recommendations for Realizing the Potential of Sri Lankan Pharma

Thoughts on how Sri Lanka's pharmaceutical companies can lay the groundwork for improved health and business outcomes.

Whither the hybrid threat? Lessons from Sri Lanka's Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

Preparation for conflict in the 21st century requires serious consideration of the threat posed by non-state actors capable of hybrid warfare. 

Sri Lanka's Way Forward: The Imperative to Foster Civic Engagement, Dialogue, & Reconciliation among Youth

This article is a First Place winner in the 2009 Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) International Essay Competition (Citizenship in a Democratic Society).

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