• Piyumi Kapugeekiyana

Here's to friendship

Friendship is a highly underrated relationship.

In the quest for loftier pursuits like love, good old friendships often fall by the wayside. And we all know that many an intention to meet has drowned in the sea of busyness.

Lately, I've been given the gift of time. Time to reflect and reconnect with the many wonderful people in my life. Time free from the burden of work responsibilities and deadlines. Every meal shared, every story traded, has renewed my appreciation for living life at a leisurely pace and celebrating with the unsung heroes who are my friends.

These are relationships both seasoned and fresh,

Some forged in the crucible of struggle,

Many navigating the miles, the years and the misunderstandings.

These are cheerleaders and counselors and mentors,

Connections that transcend schools, workplaces and churches

Bonds that persevere past all that threatens to disconnect us,

Like age, gender, ethnicity, religion and race

People I trust with my truth

Who honour me by sharing theirs

Those who invite me to stand with them

And those who accept my invitation in turn.

Like I said.

Friendship is a highly underrated relationship.

Perhaps it's time we do something about that.


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