• Piyumi Kapugeekiyana

Stages of self-isolation

I'd like to think that this is to self-isolation what the Kübler-Ross model is to grief.

The empirical testing is currently limited to a subject of 1 but the stages are also based on anecdotal evidence from dozens of other subjects and several hundred social media scans.


Why is this happening to me/us?

When will this end?

Who is responsible for it?


How many chocolates can I eat just for the heck of it?

How many cans of pringles can I inhale?

How many TV shows can I watch end to end?

How many days can I spend in my pjs?

How can I move as little as possible?

How many hours can I spend scrolling through memes?


How can I clean this mess?

Why do I have so many things?

What can I get rid of?

Should I cut my own hair?

Maybe I need to eat a vegetable?


What shall I paint?

Which new dish will I learn to prepare?

How can I cheer someone up?

What new skill can I pick up?

What will I do differently when this is over?

How can I help someone in need?

What books should I read?

Should I start learning a new language?

Which long lost friend shall I call next?

How can I work out at home?

What should my new daily schedule look like?

How can I change the way in which I work?

What shall I write about next?

I salute those who went straight to learning.

Those going back-and-forth between stages, that's okay too.


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